I would like to introduce Emilie Shane who inspired me to make this website. She helped me rediscover the Love inside and reminded me Love can conquer all. We talked about connections to the Father, Holy Spirit or what name works best for you. We concluded after all the books we read and information we gather.
What's most important is Love and the connection to the Father. With this all things are possible We can even lift our souls and travel the heavens as Hermes describes. We can heal our bodies and others as Jesus said we could. Perhaps we will not reach this goal soon but by loving and knowing the Father we can help in trying  to make the world a better place. Emilie also reminded me of the beautiful nature that surrounds us. From the stars in the heavens, to the mountains and to every watery shore. As well the birds that sing and to all living creatures.

Visit Emilie's You Tube channel for inspiring messages.



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