Inspiring us to seek Love, Transcend and Ascend

Actually for ascending silence is usually preferred to be cut off from outside interference.  We will be  adding information as we progress. One thing to note you must have good vibrations The music and images may be better for getting in the mood or raising your vibration before hand. The ancients used in toned sounds. As described in the Emerald tablets the Great  Pyramid was used for ascension. There are many ways to amplify the experience. I urge persons to research and find what works best for you. A brief summary from what I know or have read. You may have recalled persons who have died and experienced out of body projection and have come back sometimes  with greater abilities such as healing. In ancient days this experience was orchestrated in the great pyramid as a form of  initiation for Masters of the Life.  I have read several accounts of Jesus being one of the last initiates a long time ago. However his ascension was greater because he was given the position of Grand Master of all people. Thus he did then acquire many gifts and ascended other times as shown in the bible.

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