Our galaxy the Milky Way travels 1.4 trillion miles per hr. through space we spin, we revolve, protected by our earths force field. If you think this force and all that is, is by chance then you will never Ascend to the heavens. The power within can take you anywhere with a thought. A bit faster then light speed.
May Gods Love and Force be with you always in your heart. 

It is said that God created us in his Image. There are a few meanings to that statement. One he created. To me creating is part of our purpose Creating something beneficial to others is better yet. Creating does give one a energy that flows from somewhere. I am seeking my path and finding strength from like minded individuals.                       

Love, Transend and Ascend.

Poems from Within


A star will sparkle then one day fall.

Lights in heaven are meant for all.

We all have our moments for all to see.

These moments make you you and make me me.

But as heaven is under just one sky.

Together we all live and we all shall die

Some stars burn hot and make a blast.

While others stars light will last and last.

All elements that are visible may change what they are

But what of the memories and spirit of a star.

It can be not be seen like the heaven with in.

Where we end up is by how we began.

To make our world a long lasting place.

Or just become star dust left in space.


Center of the Universe starting out as one big seed.

Spreading out as leaves on a gigantic galactic tree.

As above so below so the wise saying goes.

Perhaps more seeds some saying may be so.

The energy of darkness feeding the heated light.

Lights energy shedding darkness bringing forth life.

After losing the energy of  life back to darkness it goes.

Cycling perhaps ending for the perfect immortal soul.

Knowledge flowing slow like snow to a trickling stream.

Gaining more as it journeys toward the source from which it came.


We where created to be as the One.

Why then so much darkness being done.

Take for a moment darkness and light.

See all that is wrong and all that is right.

We cannot learn to learn or learn to create.

If there is no ignorance or if love has no hate.

Life is learning forever Changing.

Creation is part of the Rearranging.

Learning to create is as being as the One.

Along the way we should enjoy the fun.

Fulfillment and energy from creations good.

Feeling better, as good creations should.

Some people conceive to deceive. 
Creed and corruption is what the people receive. 
The leaders that abuse their clout. 
Leaders like that we should live without. 
So that the benefits of Democracy can be shared. 
Fairly elect those who really care. 
Let Tyrants and Dictators be a thing of the past. 
For we all know that only peace through freedom can we last. 
Leaders can be like teachers and can see us through. 
Leaders are not our instructors who tell us what to do.


We have lived through years of turmoil and war. 
We know in our hearts we deserve so much more. 
We have polluted the air, water and land. 
It is almost to the edge that we stand. 
We know what is right and what is wrong. 
Some things we let go on, for way to long. 
So We the People must make a stand. 
Work together with neighbors hand in hand. 
If we slow down we can make a little time. 
To help our world and all mankind.

Wisdom treating others as sisters and brothers.
Leaders spending all to kill one another.
Resources gained for the killing machines.
Slaughtered bodies as if never seen.
Sorrow and pain never seems to ever end.
When inside we want to love and have good friends.
It's the greedy we seem to follow to win.
Lost of ourselves our greatest sin.
Lets change the course of destructive outcome.
Believe in ourselves and love who we become.
Spiritual leaders have shown the lighted way.
Follow them not but follow the wisdom in words they say.
Voting for people for people seems a easy thing to do.
Finding out what is true we must also do.
Injustice must be pulled out like a weed.
The same is true for all the greed
Spread the light or fight the good fight
What ever we do we must do what is right


Have our hearts forgotten the cost of war

How many must die. Millions more?

It is time for an awakening.

See the lies slowly shaping

Many followed the axis of ww2

85 million died before we where through

Many act as if there are joys of war

The truth is there is no truth no more

Looking and seeing the truth can set us free

Why follow those that believe in tyranny

See what is hidden in plain sight

Deception so grand it is hard to fight

Our only hope is true love

As shown from the one above


We came to this sweet land of liberty. 
We fought for its freedom and against tyranny. 
But for those that lived here true tyranny had just begun. 
There where times when some rights were none.
We said to ourselves it would pay off in the long run. 
Justified ourselves for the wrongs we had done. 
Though we have come along way. 
For freedom many had to pay. 
Many stood tall and took the call. 
For liberty and justice for all. 
This should mean for all the nations from which we came. 
Also for our poor and us it should remain the same. 
This is why we were given rights to bare arms. 
That no one could bring our freedom any harm. 
It was in case of runaway governments from anywhere. 
For when ever things should begin to be unfair. 
Protecting the rights and freedoms of all others. 
For under God we are all sisters and brothers 
Patriotism does not lie at our borders. 
It lies in the ideas and dreams of our Founding Fathers. 
We the people are for which liberty stands. 
True freedom is something we must strive to understand

How is God and Jesus together and  how are they apart
Words of wisdom to follow spoken from his heart
I am not united by the  flag or the land
But by words our for father's gave us to understand
The Universe is one created by the all
Goodness freedom and liberty are my call
Great words and wisdom are all around us
Clouded by greed and delivered ignorance 
Seeing what's right but lead by the blind
False illusions pretending to be kind
Wouldn't it be a breath of fresh air
Leaders replaced words  with deeds of care
As John imagined what we could do
Make the world better for me and you.

 Peace and Love Online.   

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