We are here to offer ways to transcend and ascend our spirits to reach higher vibrations. To become lights among the darkness. With the troubled world we live in, it is our hope that we can shed a light to others who can not see the shadows that control our world with evil intentions. If the light can shine bright enough so many will see then perhaps we can be saved and start teaching the power of


Seek the Mysteries of thy God ( Holy or Great Spirit, Father, Creator, Allah,Universal Mind )

It is very clear those without Love or a desire for Peace  can  Ascend to the Heavens

Technology or magic will never match the power that is within


JESUS THE CHRIST Showing us the way to the power of Love of the heart, which connects us to the Father which is all things

HERMES TRISMEGISTUS Teaching transcending and so much more, with wise words and a window into our past and the possibilities of the soul.

GREGG BRADEN With the emergence of quantum physics what seemed miraculous before can be explained in scientific manner. Craig has great insight into these ideas and much more.

MAITRIYA Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru. Modern day message from the past showing a way to ascension

EMILE SHANE EMPATH sharing love with inspiring messages. An inspiration to this site

UNIVERSAL FREEDOM ONLINE Finding truth to set us free from the forces that divide us    

WEBMASTER ALAN TUMA Personal message and poems

ASCENDING More information on Astral Projection

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